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Thursday September 14, 2017

Terrill Samuel

Q. It would have been nice just to get a couple of putts to fall, I guess, huh?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, in match play you have to make them.

Q. But you were being aggressive, giving yourself some chances and hitting some good shots.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, I went for it. I went at the pins, yeah.

Q. She was pretty steady.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, I always expect her to be. She drives the ball always well, hits her irons well and is a good putter. That's the difference, yeah. But if either one would win, we're proud of each other. We're best friends. She's the classiest person I know bar none. I'm so happy for her. She deserves it.

Q. Does it help losing to a good friend like that as opposed to someone you've never met?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, for sure, it's easy because I always root for her at every tournament because that's what type of person she is bar none.

Q. Both of you seemed to be rooting for each other's good shots.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, we weren't rooting for each other to do bad. You always want somebody to win it.

Q. It was a USGA championship final but it felt like it could have been just the two of you playing by yourself nobody watching and it would have been the same atmosphere.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, for sure, because we're just such great friends. That was the bonus of playing today is like whoever won we'd be happy for each other.

Q. How long have you known each other? You live like 25 minutes away from each other?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, probably not even that, probably 15, 20 minutes from each other. Yeah, I think Judith grew up playing golf. I didn't. I was a swimmer. So we met later on, but we've known each other -- well, now I'm 56, so we've probably known each other for at least 25 years if not more, probably 30 years.

Q. Talk about that bunker shot on the 6th hole. That's one of the most incredible shots I've ever seen at these events. What was going through your head when you saw your lie?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I was like, whoa, that's -- but you know what, she got a bad break, too, because she hit a great shot in there, and it just kept going. I said, you can't be mad at that because she got a bad break, and then -- so even wash. And then you have to have a bit of luck with that shot, right, and so I was just trying to find a stance, and I was hoping that I could just pop it out, and then I didn't think -- I actually went perfectly because it went down, popped up, and down. Got to have a little bit of luck. I knew if I could get it up over the lip, it'll hit it hard enough that it would get out of the bunker because that's pretty thick stuff in my stance.

Q. You got some nice exemptions out of this. You're in the Senior Women's Open next year. Do you plan on playing in that?
TERRILL SAMUEL: I don't know yet.

Q. Did you know you were in that?
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, somebody told me that yesterday. My friend Rocket told me yesterday. That's even more nerve-racking.

Q. That's a chance to play Chicago Golf Club, though. That's a tough course to get on.
TERRILL SAMUEL: Yeah, so I probably should do it.

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